5 Hidden Gems to Hike in Texas

TEXAS is an undeniably beautiful state, but depending on where you live, that beauty can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look! The great thing about Texas is it’s size. A few hours in any direction can make you feel as if you’ve entered a whole new world, and I’m going to help show them to you (queue ‘Aladdin’ soundtrack)! So sit back, relax, and check out these amazing locations without having to leave the comfort of your chair!


Palo Duro Canyon

Let’s start off by heading out West to the stunning Palo Duro Canyons! With more than 30 miles of hiking trails, the Palo Duro Canyon located in Canyon, TX  will leave you gaping, both from the beautiful scenery, and the multitude of trails. It is an especially great place for those of you who like to venture off the beaten paths! Make sure to bring plenty of water though!


Colorado Bend State Park

Next, for one of my personal favorites, Colorado Bend State Park. A 5,328.3-acre state park in the Hill Country region. With over 200+ wild caves (most hidden and unexplored!), multiple guided cave tours, the beautiful Gorman Falls, and plenty of secluded waterholes to swim in, you’d be hard-pressed to not love this one of a kind wilderness.


Enchanted Rock Natural Area

Also in Hill Country, just north of Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock is one of the largest natural rock formations in the United States, with a dome that rises 425 feet above the ground! Not only can you get some breathtaking views by climbing to the top, you’ll also find some fun caves created by falling rocks and boulders over the last million years or so!


Dinosaur Valley State Park

Ok, those of you close to the DFW area are probably saying, “Yeah, these are beautiful, but it’s all so far away!” Well don’t you worry, I’ve gotcha covered. only about an hour drive from Fort Worth, you will find the unique Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose, TX! How many places can you say you’ve stood in the  footprints of actual Dinosaurs! This park has a little bit of everything from natural swimming holes, rocky climbs, and secluded hikes! This Park is also very kid-friendly, for those of you with young ones.


Big Bend National Park

No trailblazing list would be complete without bringing Big Bend National Park into the equation. Bordering Mexico and lining the Rio Grande River is a natural playground that simply can’t be beat. With a range of 1,252 mi², you could spend a lifetime out here watching the wildlife, climbing the large peaks, Swimming in the river, camping, fishing, hiking (The list goes on)… The likes of what you can see out here are unrivaled in the United States as far as I’m concerened. With that said, this is no landscape to take lightly. If you plan to spend time out here, make sure you are well-prepared and you’ve done some extensive research!

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