A Real Life ‘Silent Hill’

A Real Life 'Silent Hill'

Have you ever seen the movie or game "Silent Hill"? If so, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be like to suffer a world like that one? Of course not, because you're sane. Me, I lack that quality. While this may not be "Silent Hill", it's as close as I've ever been. Come with me while I show you the secretive and dark world of Forest Haven.

The Way In...

This was no easy place to get to, and once you find the path, you quickly begin to second guess yourself. If you've read my other posts, you know I am a Nature person. I love trees. Still, something in this forest kept me on an edge I seldom navigate.

And there she was...

Coming out of the woods, you are greeted with this happy view. Forest Haven is more than a hospital, it's an abandoned mental facility made up of 18+ buildings. Schools, Hospitals, Laundry facilities, Churches... and every one with a bad reputation...

Sure, lets go in. That seems intelligent.

As you step through the doors, hallways run in both directions. Luckily, there were enough windows to give off some light, though not much. Ironically, as dead as this building was, the walls still had life. The clanging of pipes sang out a wonderfully pleasant tune (yes, this is sarcasm). I was looking over my shoulders. A lot.

Door Number One

A lot of the rooms still had the original furniture. Despite the decay, you could almost imagine what it once looked like.

Tools of the Trade

Every room had something fascinating left behind. Check out this old typewriter!

Upstairs! Seems Perfectly Safe!

Onward and Upward! After browsing a good 15 or more rooms on the first floor, I decided it was time to check out some other floors! I was pretty impressed with the sturdiness, and even more so when I didn't fall through them...

-Insert Psychology Humor Here-

More leftovers from another time. I can only imagine the conversations that went on here. Actually, I don't have to imagine. Medical records littered the hospital. It was absolutely insane what was left behind...

Think I could sell it on Craigslist?

More items from the past. The medical staff that once worked here sure did leave in a hurry!

Heading Into The Bowels of Hell

A view as I glanced upward from my decent into the basement.

Oh Look. A Morgue

What hospital visit would be complete without a trip to the local morgue!

See that doorway? I don't like that doorway.

In another basement, I came across this room. That room in the back was a bit unsettling, even for me. It was completely empty, one of the only rooms with absolutely nothing in it. With no light source, I could only go so far in. As empty as it was, I did not feel alone. This was my cue to move on.


Leaving the main hospital, It was time to look into the other structures. Pathways overtaken by nature would lead the way.

Not Alone!

This is Mulder, or so I called him. He was just chilling on the Hospital grounds. He is my best friend. I never saw him again.

Exploration Continued

You guessed it. Buildings!

A Chair With Personality

There was something about this chair that made it feel possessed. Just stare at it in this photo. Doesn't it seem as if it's staring back?

A Room With Everything

This room had tons of furniture scattered throughout. Of course, you can't see it, because I only felt like taking a photo of this creepy crib. Just take my word on the rest!

Someone Doesn't Want Me Inside

Finally, the Lockup Ward. Surrounding the building is an endless roll of barbwire. I circled the building many times trying to find a way in, and you know what... I did! Too bad you'll have to stay tuned for my next post on Forest Haven to find out what was behind all this security!

23 Responses to “A Real Life ‘Silent Hill’

  • Oh my goodness this place is so eerie and borderline terrifying! What a place to explore xx


    • Right?! The place was certainly incredible. =) The place has a pretty unsettling history though, so that definitely added to the creep-factor!

  • I would have enjoyed this way too much!
    I adore nature and even more so, mysterious places and items from the past; the untold stories you can scarcely fathom.
    This must have been a great experience and I’m intrigued to read round two of Forest Haven!
    Oh, and your photos really capture how disconcerting this experience was!

    • Thank you! I absolutely love places like this. Don’t get me wrong, the creep-factor is a lot of fun, but I love seeing how nature takes back what is hers. <3

  • Wow great post! Different “story” than other bloggers posts. Nice to see it.

    • Hey there! Thanks! I really appreciate it! I’m glad it came off as a little different. I was hoping this format of blog would go over well. 🙂

  • Farr out dude. I would be hesitant to tromp around that place without a dust mask, combat boots & a heavy duty flashlight! Hope you were careful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah.. There were some rooms and damp places that I refused to go since I didn’t have a mask. I’ve been in the Urbex scene for quite a few years, so I am USUALLY pretty careful! Though, sometimes my sense of adventure does tend to overrule my caution. xD

  • Amazing post ??

  • Love the post. I have a strange attraction to such places. Now thinking of visiting Chernobyl, since it is open for visitors

  • What a brave soul! I would have claimed something tried to possess me in the first few minutes and booked it out of there! Yikes! But I love the photos, I’m so fascinated with this. There is such beauty in this creepiness.

    • Bravery and stupidity walk a very fine line together. 😉 Most of the things I do are probably not the smartest, but my curiosity ALWAYS gets the best of me! Still, I have to agree, beauty can be found anywhere. And It’s always amazing to see how nature takes back what is hers. Seeing the grass breakthrough concrete, and the vines shifting through the walls.. I love it…I’ll be posting more blogs about this place and others that I’ve visited, so hopefully it’ll interest you enough to come back and see them! <3

  • Okay, this was my best read so far. Ever. You had me sitting on the edge of my seat until the end… part 2???? nooo. I want to read the rest. Amazing post. Amazing blog. I am a fan!

    • <3 <3 <3 I really appreciate this comment! Sorry for making you wait for part 2! ;) I have so many photos from that place, it's hard to pick and choose what to post!

  • I love this kind of stuff. So was the whole town abandoned like in Silent Hill?

    • Yep! Everything abandoned. The churches, Schoolhouses, hospitals, supply depot, industrial laundry facility.. Everything. What’s also great, is that the location is not easily accessible, which means its not covered in graffiti. There is some, but it’s limited to only certain buildings. Everything was just left to decay as-is.

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    1 year ago

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  • Brilliant pictures – the tour through silent hill, has made an enticing impression indeed! – Great Site too, by the way.

  • Was this in Ireland? I couldn’t find any other Forest Haven’s on google maps. I remember Silent Hill (the film and the game) and this place is definitely Silent-Hill-Esq!

    • I just looked it up and saw it was in DC. Sorry for the silly question!

    • In the State, Maryland. I’m not sure if you’ll find it on gmaps, but you can definitely Google Search the place! It’s pretty amazing how untouched and unknown it is, considering the size.

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